How to avoid diseases on summer holiday?

The upcoming season of summer holidays is associated with a large increase in travelling. People are eager to enjoy summer to the fullest and in unusual place if possible. If you are now planning the trip, do not forget about the safety. Otherwise, the travel aimed to be a joy can turn into a disaster to your health. mind that travelling to an area you have never been before is a test for the organism. As you have to go through many crowded places, the risk of getting infected increases enomously.

What health hazards do we face on summer holiday?

While travelling everyone must remember that any rest area or public mean of transport is not sterile. The more exotic country you go, the greater in number are the dangers. Bacteria, germs, microorganisms, bacili and viruses are everywhere and ready to test your health strength. The handrails you touch, the ice cubes you add to the drink, the blanket you cover with in the hotel or food you buy outdoors are potentially hazardous. If you keep to the rules, you will not face the problems like food poisoning, vomiting, infection, fever or whatever else but enjoy the holiday the way you have planned.

How to avoid diseases on summer holiday?

The first thing you should do – study the country you are going. It will not be a waste of time if you surf the web or consult a travel agent and get to know the common tourist health claims in that place, the vaccination demanded or what-not-to-dos in that area, besides, read about flora and fauna venomous species to avoid troubles on summer holiday. Look through the list of the most hazardous places, use the tips how to steer clear of them below and a wonderful summer holiday is guaranteed, without such tiring consequents as diseases.

  1. Remote control gadgets in hotels. They are usually not scrubbed at all unlike the bathrooms, shelves etc. Wipe them with napkins and wash your hands thoroughly after using this simple device, otherwise, you will have to get in touch with the germs left by the hundreds of guests living in the room before you.
  2. Electronic self-service booths. It is OK if you get some newspapers out of there but what about snacks? How can anyone be sure a person pushing the buttons before you is as sound as a bell? The touch screens on the self-service boxesare even more dirty. Always wash your hands on touching it or make it a rule to use hands antiseptic gel afterwards.
  3. Pockets on the backs of the chairs in planes, buses etc. They are usually filled with magazines, brochures, advertisements or safety instructions, as well as microbes. The rule is simple – do not take anything out of there or put your stuff in. This dusty dark place is a perfect hiding place for parasites.
  4. Hotel bedspread. The temptation to roll on the bed after a long trip appears to be rather unsafe. The fact is that most hotels only wash pillowcases and sheets, but the bedspread on the top may not be changed for months.This makes it a lovely place for a variety of bacteria and even bugs. The best solution is to roll it carefully trying not to spread the dust and the germs all over the room.
  5. Pillows and blankets that are given during the flight. Unfortunately, pillows and blankets are not always cleaned between short flights. So, if you get a sleeping set without packaging, be sure somebody has already used it. You’d better make a roll of your clothing item, for example a sweater, than accept the given pillow. Next time you travel, buy and take your own pillow for travelling. It is low-cost, small and lightweighted. You will avoid disease and not pass infection to anyone else.

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