How to avoid illness on summer holiday?

When the season of vacations starts, many people travel to places they have never seen before. These countries, usually remote and exotic, attract more and more tourists year by year. Original cultures, new friends and bright memories will give you energy for the entire working period after it. But often the come together with troubles too. It is good if you only bring some bruises, bites or rash back from holiday. More often the cosequents of common hygiene principles neglection appear to become real disasters for health.

What are typical summer illnesses?

Sunburn comes first to associate with summertime. It can vary from occasional skin redness to huge blisters that make uncomfortable to sleep, wear clothes and have a rest at all. Heat and sunstrokes come next causing weakness, fever and vomiting. It is strange but flu and common cold are on the top of the list too. Food poisoning can not be neglected too – vomiting and diarrhea follow the consumption of contaminated with germs or parasites food or drinks. Do not forget about the insects causing skin illnesses and allergies. And, finally, the last but not the least – sore eyes or conjunctivitis, starting with eye irritation then mistreated, can lead to blindness.

How to avoid illness on summer holiday?

The ways to avoid illnesses in summer are simple. If you keep them, you will get back home sound and safe. Follow the doctors’ advice – avoid overcrowded places, street food and follow the basic hygiene rules. Try to take some remedies or drugs you may need in the nearest drugstore. Better prevent than cure. Memorise the detailed list of the rules how to avoid illness on summer holiday written below and enjoy your vacation.

  1. Before going abroad get vaccinated if necessary. Follow the precaucions before and after this procedure to ensure you are ready for trip as you may be exposed to vaccination substance allergies.
  2. Stick to bottled water and do not share the same bottle with other people. Diarrhea is only the smallest trouble you can get after such a gesture of good will. Do not share any other items used for private hygiene – toothbrushes, razors, make-up brushes etc. The threat is not only of being infected but to pass the infection to your mates.
  3. Avoid street snacks and undercooked food in the hotels. Make sure the dish you are served is properly cooked – processed vegetables and well done meat. Wash fruit carefully before eating and never touch the flesh with the bare fingers – bite it or use a spoon.
  4. Swimming in the pool, especially a murky one, will make not good to your health. Do not get lazy – walk to the sea. It is really worth diving there with the precausions – do not touch the flora and fauna species you are not fully aware of their safety.
  5. Spend more time in the shade. it will prevent you from getting the sunstroke. Always use creams to protect the skin from ultraviolet causing sunburns.
  6. Avoid drinking alcohol at all. If you can not – at least watch carefully its intake. Hangover can spoil your mood for more than a day but poisoning will do it with the entire holiday. Be aware of the ice cubes – better do not add them to your drink at all. They are often made of cold running water that lacks basic sterilization.
  7. Stay hydrated during the flights, walks, excursions or laying on the beach and you will not suffer from heatstrokes. Keep in mind that procrastinating all days long will not contribute to nice rest and good health. Keep mobile during the flights and move at the rest area you are in. This makes the exchange processes within your body run faster and you will not experience weakness or dizziness at all.

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