How to build inner tricep muscle? What is inner tricep muscle?

Pumping up the triceps demands special exercising system that can be done either at home or in the gym. Triceps are muscles that are located in the upper part of the arms and take approximately 2/3 of the latters. Triceps are bigger and stronger than biceps. They consist of three beams each. It usually takes more time to build inner tricep muscle than bicep one. Triceps are responsible for the hands extension. Though, doing a complex of exercises that involve pushing or stretching can help to boost this type of muscles. You have to remember that the body’s resources are limited, so if you are not taking anabolic steroids, you should not spend the entire day in the gym. Your workout have to last no longer than one hour. And if you train biceps and triceps together, do no more than 2-3 exercises per every group of muscles to achieve the result you expect. But remember that you should not overexercise.

What is inner tricep muscle?

Triceps, as mentioned above, consist of three beams(heads), namely, the external, middle and internal.

All of them can grow only on the progression of loads, it means you will not build them by a simple weightlifting of the maximum load but gradually increasing the mass you take. The middle tricep beam, the longest one, is the first to be pumped up, as it is the most sensitive to the loads you are lifting. Triceps exercises can be divided into basic and formative types. If you follow all the pieces of advice given below, you are likely to boost your inner tricep muscles as quickly as possible.

How to build inner tricep muscle?

  1. To pump up the triceps, meaning its mass, you need to do the bench press or use the narrow bars to press up. The medial bundle starting the middle beam is the longest and the strongest. While the beams possess the strength of the triceps, the middle beam attached to the external beam located on the outside of the handforms the v-shaped silhouette of the triceps. Internal beam is the weakest, so, the training complex must contribute to its development more than to the othe two beams mentioned.
  2. Bench press narrow grip is a basic exercise, but only if you care about the strength of the inner tricep, not the mass. Therefore, if you want to pump your inner triceps, you have to press your elbows close to the body, but not before you or clutched on the chest. This exercise will not allow you to take up too much weight, but it will help to pump beautiful triceps up.
  3. Perhaps, you should take into account that, despite the moderate weight of the bar, it is sufficient to do at least10-12 repetitions of the exercise to completely deplete the glycogen stored in the triceps. After all, to pump your triceps, you need to “pump” its energy efficiency. Our body will not waste energy of the external, and the internal beams triceps until it spends all the energy accumulated in the middle beam. The conclusion is that the weight you lift should not be excessive, but it should be sufficient to stressthe triceps.
  4. The next kind of exercises must be performed only when your triceps are already tired. Often inexperienced athletes like to perform it with big weight. It is called “French grip” and should be done only after the narrow grip succession of exercises. The elbows in French grip are in an uncomfortable position, this makes the technique to be a perfect one to build inner triceps if you repeat it at least 10-15 times.
  5. Close grip on the bars is rather effective exercise too. The bodybuilders use itto pump strong and flexible inner triceps. You have to perform a narrow grip on the bench, and then suddenly switch to the French grip press and then to close grip on the bars.

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