How to eradicate German cockroaches? How to find German cockroaches mother loads?

Rattling of roaches’ legs around the flat when it is getting dark is a nightmare. But really horrifying thing is when they crawl everywhere in the building even at the daytime. The most wide spread type of roaches inhabiting our dwellings is a German cockroach and it is quite tough job to eradicate them. No time for panic, act as quickly as you may to prevent your home from getting disease contamination and becoming their own one. Complex treatment by means of chemicals, home remedies and stict obedience to the basic sanitation rules can solve the problem. Though the first tip is to localize places of roaches nests.

How to find German cockroaches mother loads?

  1. German roaches tend to inhabit the territories closely related to food processing, such as – kitchen tables, microwave ovens, dishwashing machines, kitchen drawers, rubbish bins, sinks and refrigerators or the upper shelves of the closet as it is one of the warmest places. They can be usually found behind or under these appliances.
  2. If you have a basement – examine it thoroughly. Central heating pipes, warm and often leaky, give the German roaches all the necessary conditions for reproduction.
  3. Look around in the garage, pay attention to the panels with wires and areas around the taps. This dark and isolated place can give a start to infestation. Mind the coorners where you store sponges and mops as potential nests’ sites.
  4. Investigate the bathroom. Don not miss the German cockroaches favourite places there – the bath and toilet drains, shelves where you keep household items like gel, creams, soap the roaches digest.

How to eradicate German cockroaches?

  1. To cleanse the dwelling off the German roaches, almost all chemicals for pests extermination are suitable. Everyone can purchase bait traps, sticking motels for insects, powdered boric acid, fumigation systems, toxic sprays and gels or just phone the pests control service to settle the trouble.
  2. Home remedies can be used as well. Put the bay leaves on every shelf where you keep food. The smell of this plant does not kill the roaches but keep them away from the places they detect its odour.
  3. DIY traps for German roaches filled with the substance they are attracted by can be easily made in several minutes. The pros are these home-made items contain no pesticides and need no extra expenses.

Basic sanitation rules that help to eradicate German cockroaches too

  1. The containers for food must be airtight. If you have opened some wraps and need to keep the leftovers for a bit longer, put it in a plastic bag and tie it.
  2. Regularly wash away all the food remnants off the surfaces and in the drains (you can pour some bleach in them). As the roaches have nothing to eat, they will not reproduce.
  3. Properly repair leaky faucets and pipes in the kitchen and bathroom. They are potential areas for mother loads.
  4. Empty trash bins regularly and if not in use – keep them closed. Rubbish is German roaches’ favourite nutrition.
  5. Try to spot and properly fix the cracks and holes in the floor. German roaches are able not only to run fast but to hide well too, especially the baby ones.
  6. If you have wall papers – seal them regularly because it is one of the most favourite places for adult cockroaches to hide at daytime.
  7. Every time you take a shower, switch on the air conditioning in the bathroom. It will help to keep the entire room as dry as possible, without drips everywhere.
  8. Keep all the bottle and lotions in the lavatory tightly closed to prevent from digesting by roaches. In good living conditions and excess to food German cockroaches’ population grows in number enormously.
  9. Apply systematic approach to German cockroaches eradication – use as many ways as possible to get rid of them and always a complex of actions to avoid re-infesting.

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