How to exterminate cockroaches in dishwasher door?

Having cockroaches in the dwelling is a common problem that has plagued human cilivization since ancient times. They are much more active in the warm months, however, they can be hardly exterminated by means of only home remedies. Unfortunately, a great number of homes and commercial buildings suit their lifestyle and cockroaches settlings occur all over the world. Cockroaches crawl out of their hiding places, when you are asleep. As a rule, they prefer to avoid the light and the best refuge for them is a place with high humidity and temperate but constant warmth, like the areas behind the stoves, microwaves and, particularly, dishwashers. You have to look around in these territories in the kitchen. Cockroaches adore food leftovers icluding the products that contain starch, meat, dairy and carbohydrates. The dishwashing machine has to deal with all sorts of food remains noted above.

Why to exterminate cockroaches primarily in dishwasher?

Well, a few baby roaches seem not to be a catastrophe, however, you must remember that they perform health hazard to humans and can transmit bacteria causing numerous diseases – salmonella gastroenteritis, leprosy, dysentery and typhoid fever as well.No place can be more suitable for human quick getting infected like the dishwasher where the cockroaches have free access to our tableware used several times a day. It is disgusting to imagine the roaches wandering through dirty corners, sewage pipes and garbage disposals, then leaving their prints on clean crockery you aim to use for cooking. The dishwasher wires and water pipes connected to it are these pests’ beloved places to hide but the right way to strart their extermination is the dishwasher door as it is a typical place for the roaches nests, the place their population starts.

  1. How to exterminate cockroaches in dishwasher door? Do not underestimate the power of sanitation principles you can stick to. Keep the dishwasher clean and dry, try to rinse the utensils before putting them into the machine. This will leave no opportunity for cockroaches to eat anything. Just a few crumbs or pieces of other dishes will make all your effortsa complete waste of time.
  2. Pull the dishwasher door off and cleanse it hard or leave in a bowl with water containing dissolved chemicals against roaches for several hours.
  3. Check all the rubber lining in the dishwasher door. If the sticks are not hermetically fixed to the glass and metal, solve the problem by means of proper repair, sealing or change the door for a new one. Home appliances repair service will help you to buy the one matching your dishwasher model if you call and leave the specifications.
  4. Process all the sticks and lining of the dishwasher door with the special gel harmless to people. Don not leave even a centimetre untouched, it can cause some roaches to escape and avoid the actions you have taken to exterminate them.
  5. Use a suitable detergent that enables the disinfection of the plates, cups and glassware you load into the dishwasher. Every time you switch the machine in, the door will be sanitized too during the process of washing. It helps to avoid the roaches re-infestation.
  6. Fumigate the dishwasher door with anti-roaches foggers that can exterminate the both the nymphs and udult cockroaches. Read the precausions attentivelyas some foggers, due to their toxic ingredients, may not be applicable to such appliance.
  7. To avoid the trouble with cockroaches presence in the dishwasher, in general, and its door, in particular, regularly examine the pipes and drains plugged to it, and thoroughly repair the leaks if you notice the latter.

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