Ukrainian customs and traditions at winter holidays 2015

Festivities 2015. Ukrainian soul always wanted fun. New Year, Christmas. Winter is particularly rich for the holidays. Each have their own customs and traditions. Costumes and characters, carols and New Year songs, dances and songs.

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Winter for the villagers – long rest. To diversify the life, people invented holidays, traditions and ceremonies. One of the first cycle in the winter – the day of St. Andrew. Its celebrated on the night of 13 to 14 of December. Next on the folk calendar day of St. Nicholas – a holiday for children. St. Nicholas brings gifts to those who behaved well and whip for those who do not.

New Year in Rus mark since 1700, after the decree of Peter the Great. The night of December 31 to January 1 misses the cycle of folk festivals, it is time of Filippovsky post, though not very strict. The seventh of January – Christmas.

In a generous evening – Christmas Eve – on the table had to be 12 dishes. Necessarily Christmas kutia usually from the unshelled wheat with the addition of spices. Now it is most often prepared from rice. Traditional Christmas drink – uzvar, compote of dried fruits. 13 January to Church calendar – day holy Melania. Rural girls are generally selected Melanka, went from house to house singing and praising the hosts, not to cross the threshold.

January 14 – the day of St. Vasil, in modern Ukraine – the “old” New Year. According to legend, on this day first to the house must come a man – then hosts the entire year will have good luck.

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Another rite – sowing. Fourteenth day of January, entering the house, guests threw at a host wheat, barley and rye.

In winter, people are not only celebrated, but also tried to look into the future. The cycle starts on the day of divination St. Catherine. Every girl wanted to know: she will marry in the coming year or not. On the night of December 7 had to wade, necessarily secret, in another garden, to break a few apple or cherry branches and put them in water. If by Christmas sprig bloomed – to be a wedding.

Peak of divination accounted for Christmastide – from the sixth to 19 January.

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