Entered into force the expanded US sanctions against Russia

In the sanctions list we can find particularly those companies, where the Russian “Vnesheconombank” and “Rosneft” control more than 50% of the capital.

The expanded sanctions list includes:

– 7 individuals and 6 companies that evaded from the imposed sanctions (including related with H.Tymchenko, B.Rotenberh and concern “Kalashnikov”);

– 2 Russian companies, which are involved in the military-industrial complex of the Russian Federation;

– 4 former Ukrainian officials and their supporters, which are involved in the abduction and abuse of state assets in the civil service;

– Affiliated by O.V.Yanukovych with the company – JSC “Holding IACS”;

– 5 operators of the Crimean ports and 1 ferry transport operator;

– 35 companies, which are controlled by the people, who were adding to the list of sanction entities before and those, where Russian “Vnesheconombank” and “Rosneft control more than 50% of the capital”.

“By expanding the list of sanctions against Ukrainian officials, who were the part of criminal regime of Yanukovych and persons,  involved in the illegal annexation of the Crimea, United States reaffirm their commitment previously imposed sanctions and demonstrate the unity of the international coalition against Russian aggression in Ukraine. United States reaffirm their readiness to closely monitor, detect and promptly eliminate all possible sanctions evasion scheme (in t. ch. attempts to circumvent the SWIFT system in transactions with companies located in the Crimea)”, – said in a statement.

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