Best Mexican chicken Taco recipe

This time we will set up a national Mexican dish – best chicken Taco recipe! How are Tacos made? We need the accompanying ingredients for cooking Taco at home:

  • chicken fillet
  • mint
  • salt
  • kefir
  • green (young) onion
  • peppers stuffed with cheese
  • cornflour
  • salt
  • smoked paprika
  • breadcrumbs
  • sweet pepper
  • chili peppers
  • tomato
  • oil
  • tabasco
  • corn

How to make Mexican Tacos?

  • Chop chicken filet into little pieces, include mint leaves ground with salt, blend, equally spreading the blend over the meat. Put kefir, blend once more, leave to marinate.
  • We picked sweet peppers loaded down with hot cheddar for Taco base. Finely cleave it, include green onions, and granulate to a paste.
  • Include salt, smoked paprika and water to the cornmeal, shape the mixture.
  • While the dough is resting, we should set up the chicken. fry it in a profound fryer, pre-abounded in breadcrumbs.
  • Structure tortillas from the mixture, fry straightforwardly on the flame broil, on the two sides. At the point when the tortilla is prepared, structure a blank for Taco.
  • Now set up a vegetable serving of mixed greens – include sweet peppers, tomatoes, and flame-broiled corn. Blend everything in with a little oil and season with Tabasco sauce.
  • Spread the tortilla with pepper paste, put the chicken on top – a fiery plate of mixed greens!

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