Fast alternative to Android Emulator

Anyone who has experienced with programming for Android, knows how to “quickly” running an emulator. And there is no progress, on average, than higher version Android SDK, the slower the emulator. A simple application to run in it, torment, and debugging … debugging can only be described using obscene language. And it’s not to mention, constant problems with the launch of the emulator, which are treated just erasing all data and reset.

There is an unexpected solution to this issue project Android x86. To date, the highest available version of OS 2.2.

Restrictions Android x86 (some may have can be overcome, but I have not figured out how):

  • Missing SD-card.
  • Not emulated by GPS.
  • Not emulated telephony.
  • You can not change the screen orientation.


  1. Install the latest version of VirtualBox.
  2. Download the iso file you want Create a virtual machine, Linux 2.6/Other Linux, 512 Mb RAM, Bridged Network, HD 2 Gb. Connecting the ISO file and loads one of the options LiveCD (there is an option HDPI and MDPI).
  3. Enjoy fast, and then press Alt-F1 to return to the console and type netcfg.
  4. Remember the IP address of the emulator and pressing Alt-F7 back into the GUI.
  5. adb-connect <IP address emulyator>
  6. PROFIT!Our “emulator” is available from Eclipse!

Session debugging an application in Android x86:

Fast alternative to Android Emulator

Fast alternative to Android Emulator