Gamers in Europe go to the Xbox 360

In Europe, the bulk of players began to take its PlayStation consoles in the shops and change them on the Xbox 360 console. Many evrorpeyskie buyers canceled orders for accessories and games for consoles PS3. The reason was off PlayStation Network, occurred April 20, 2011.

Representatives of the networks, game stores say that most of the transition from the PS3 to Xbox 360 players will make the popular multiplayer games, such as the popular Call of Duty: Black Ops or sports simulator FIFA 11. The representative of the chain stores Gameswap told the players not only pass the console itself, but also games and accessories from her to fully recover from the platform. According to him, as a rule, users on the funds at once take the Xbox 360 and multiplayer games such as Call of Duty.

In connection with the shutdown PSN game has changed and the market sales. For example, in mid-March, sales of the game CoD: Black Ops on consoles PS3 and Xbox 360 are aligned as 37% to 49%, in early May, the ratio was 24% to 66%. The situation is similar with multi-user simulation FIFA 11. In the case of pre-order for the PS3 are no better. Most orders are either withdrawn or transferred to the Xbox 360 in many stores in Europe.

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