How heroes come back to the front and ask about this Ukraine President?

Why heroes come back to the front? Volunteer battalion of the special purpose “Donbass” asked Ukraine President to return to the front. The reason is in the escalation of the situation near Shyrokino.

This information you can find in their post, which appeared in Facebook.
“The appeal of the military volunteer battalion of the special purpose “Donbass” to the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Poroshenko. Previously battalion left Shyrokino for a routine rotation. To change the soldiers of the battalion the soldiers of the Marines Navy Armed Forces came. The term of the planned rotation in accordance with the orders of the commander of the sector defined as 5 days and ended on the 08/03/2015, “- said in a post.

It is noted that in the time that has passed since the beginning of the rotation, the number of the attacks by the enemy increased, they used the prohibited by the Minsk agreements heavy weapons. In addition, on the positions, which are temporarily left by the enemy, by the reconnaissance battalion group of “Donbass” the stocks of ammunition were found, that`s mean a temporary nature of abandonment of the terrorists position.

The appeal noted that by the last time the situation worsened: as a result of fighting near Shyrokino (09.08) and in the Volnovakha (10.08) 8 soldiers were killed and 13 were wounded, one soldier had disappeared without a trace.

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