How to get Nina Dobrev body? Some secrets of her chiseled figure

Nina Dobrev  has not only angelic appearance, but also chiseled figure! Nature endowed girl truly royal bearing, wasp waist and long slim legs, but this beauty is maintained in the form! Here some tips how to get Nina’s body.

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As a child, Nina Dobrev was fond of dancing and gymnastics, and even made ​​progress in this field – she represented Canada at the gymnastics competitions. In youth work as model Nina led to commercials, which then gave way to Screen Tests. Now the star of “The Vampire Diaries” has successfully acted in films and is actively involved in sports for maintenance figures – playing volleyball, soccer, swimming, snowboarding and horseback riding, but its main occupation is yoga.

Nina Dobrev – a big fan of Bikram yoga, which helps her to stay fit! Bikram Yoga – a kind of classical hatha yoga. This methodology includes 26 positions and 2 breathing exercises, but most importantly – it is practiced in a well-heated room with high humidity. That is why Bikram yoga is also called hot yoga.

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The star of “The Vampire Diaries” is engaged in Bikram yoga 2-3 times a week. Nina loves to attend these classes, as they give her a chance as much as 90 minutes to be alone with herself. The actress said:

“I am a part of me and I have something in my life, but yoga is always important for me to exercise. It is very soothing my body and soul. Yoga – a part of my life and I can not imagine being without it. Hot Yoga is very useful not only for the figure, but also for the heart. Furthermore, due to the high temperature and humidity pores breathe and becomes noticeably better. “

Morning fitness of Nina Dobrev

Nothing is alien to the stars, that’s Nina Dobrev with difficulty waking up in the morning.

“Usually when I wake up, I want to sleep for a few more days. However, when I did raise myself from the bed, I wash my face, drinking coffee, looking at the city from the balcony. Also, I walk a lot, I go and do breathing exercises, and just enjoy life. “

If the actress is not able to go to yoga, then at home doing stretching or she takes various poses of yoga – “dog pose” or “posture of the child”, or just relaxing and getting ready for a new day.

“I want to remind all the girls that are very important to take care of your health: eat right and exercise at your pleasure! Of course, it often happens that in the morning did not want to do anything, but you have to force yourself to feel your best and look properly!”

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