How to get Nina Dobrev hair? Nina’s hair secrets

Want to become a happy owner of the chic long curls like Nina Dobrev, star of the series “The Vampire Diaries”? You should spend some time and effort to do so. these gorgeous locks hiding something more than just a curling iron and hair spray. Here you will learn all the Nina’s hair secrets and haw to get a beautiful hair!

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What hair products prefers Nina Dobrev?

Nina admits that washes hair every second day. The main requirement for the mass of shiny hair is a clean scalp. Take care of it. Nina uses thermal protection means before straightening and it is very prudent. She is sure that from time to time it is necessary to change the hair products. It is necessary that the hair does not become immune to the applied products. According to rumors, she always enjoys the air conditioning company that produces some of the goods for her.

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Haw Nina style her hair?

It’s very simple, really! Just follow the instructions below. Wash your hair with shampoo to give extra volume and then work through the air conditioning. Now dry your hair using a round brush, better large. At this stage, it would be nice to use the thermal protector means, in order to avoid hair damage. Divide the hair into two sections and straighten with hair iron. You can also use a large curling iron. When straightening the hair take small portions, starting from the top. You may also, from time to time, turn the rectifier or large forceps, towards the middle of the hair. This will help create beautiful waves just like Nina. Just remember to straighten you need in the same direction and then allow hair to cool down. Gently comb hair with a brush and stroll with your fingers on them. Sprinkle the hair lacquer – that’s all!

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Final touch

Nina Dobrev – milk chocolate brunette. But her hair contain a variety of shades such as caramel, dark hazelnut and toffee in the shadows. If you have the same color of eyes and skin, you can complete the look, adding makeup, using the colors of bright shades of hair.

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