How to get rid of the cockroaches in bathroom? Baby cockroaches in bathroom

The cockroaches, which you could see in the bathroom, are the cellar cockroaches, they do not live in an apartment and die within 2 days. But it is not a pleasant sight. They enter to the house through the shaft and vent in the bathroom and kitchen.

They may appear in the bathroom: under a bath, near the pipe joints in piping drawers, under the sink, in the joints of sinks and bathtubs, in the walls cracks. The bathroom is a perfect place for cockroaches, as here they meet their constant need for water.

The best and safest means today the people consider the boric acid (borax), which is available freely and inexpensively in pharmacies. It also can be used for caulking. With a boric acid powder you can sprinkle all sources of water (sink, tub and toilet), treat the baseboards, the trash bin and around him, ventilation and any places that seem suspicious. To sprinkle the entire apartment, you will need 30-100 grams, depending on the room size and the intensity of sprinkling. Strew the powder heartily, because it does not bear any harm to humans and to their pets. Some people even rinse the mouth with a boric acid, but you don`t need to do this. This powder can be purchased at a pharmacy for mere pennies. This method has one disadvantage: the cockroaches can smell a boric acid. For them it is a very strong poison, from which the whole insect body itches terribly, but even poison cockroaches can be “saved” with water. To have a really good result, it is necessary to approach to the fight with cockroaches seriously. Regardless of the method, before starting “an event of destruction”, it is necessary to close up the gap, after that wash with a cloth, added a solution of ammonia, all the furniture and trash bin, and block the access to the water. To do this, the sinks and the bathroom need to be wiped dry.

The cockroaches are very tenacious, and if you will kill them, but do not smudge, they may well come down and crawl on. And when they`ll get to the water, the insects will feel excellent. Swat the pests very good swat, and sprinkle a cockroach with a boric acid. Then he poisoned himself and infect his “relatives”.

Remember that cockroaches do not like a bright light, so you can leave the light turned on overnight, then the cockroaches consider your house or apartment not attractive.

The main feature of baiting the cockroaches in the bathroom is that there is a water, the females can lay the eggs of the cockroaches, and cockroaches can climb out of the sewer pipes. To avoid this, always keep your bathroom clean, constantly hover the order, dry the towels, dry all surfaces very well. Never leave the standing water, also do something with all holes, if your bathroom has them. In the case of repair, try to finish the job quickly. Do not forget that it is difficult to poison the cockroaches alone, because they are coming from somewhere, and then you need to connect the neighbors in this struggle, this thing will give you a good effect. The cockroaches can crawl to the bathroom immediately after the persecution in search of water, and open water is only in the siphons. Therefore, you need to use “the plugs”.

Replace the ventilation grid to poison the cockroaches and close any access to the water. These insects are drinking a water, and then restore the power, and the poison is no longer valid. Before the night, dry the bath and the sink. And do not leave the dishes with a water in the  kitchen sink. Cover the lid on the toilet. You can use the insecticides, buy them in the store, but do not mix it with 3L of water, use only 1 liter, spill it to the all holes in the bathroom and toilet. For example, “Fenaksin” is a broad-spectrum insecticide, which was made to kill a variety of insects. Its main component is a boric acid and fenvalerate – substance of the pyrethroid group, which has a contact-intestinal effects. Another proven remedy is the “Regent” from the French manufacturer. This powder has a strong and different mechanism of action from other insecticides. The modern cockroaches quickly adapt to many toxic substances, but with the “Regent” this has not happened yet. Another original way is to use the funds for pipe cleaning. I must say that it’s really quite effective method, especially if you do it regularly.

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