How to prevent the bed bug bites in hotels?‏ How to treat bed bug travel?

It is much easier to take the reasonable precautions than to fight against the bed bugs. But everybody, who has this problem, wants to treat bed bug travel. 
It is necessary to eliminate the use of the used, in other rooms, furniture and things, but because you are not able to do that, check them carefully and, if necessary, ask the hotel employees to treat them by insecticide, or subjected to heat treatment before using in the room, as well as to give you the another room. In the hotels, lodges and resorts, you should regularly inspect the premises to identify the bed bugs there, and, if it`s possible, to carry out the preventive disinsection measures aimed at eliminating the possibility of their occurrence. How to prevent the bed bug bites in hotels?

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When you return from a vacation or business trip, place brought with you things and objects to the quarantine, wash them, or expose to the heat treatment. Do not invite to your room and do not let people to come inside with things and objects of dubious origin. Avoid going to the places, which are probably infected by the bugs (distressed apartments, rooming house, dormitory for workers, building huts, etc.).

Tourists and business people must remember: first of all, check the beds in the hotels before you`re going to the bed. Examine the seams and the inner cavity of the bedroom furniture. Look behind the headboards. If it`s possible, store your things in a packaged form. If you find in your room the bed bugs, ask for a room in another part of the building, as it`s often the situation, when problem rooms are next door to each other. If while traveling you`ll find the bites of unknown origin on the body by yourself, after arriving home, be sure to put all your stuff in quarantine, wash your clothes at a high temperature, avoid contact with your luggage of other items in your home.

how bed bugs look like?

Social workers and first responders: the representatives of the professions by occupation visiting someone else’s living quarters may be the victims of a bite or appear carrier the bed bugs to their homes or workplaces. To minimize the risk of transferring the bed bugs you should, if it`s possible, not to sit and not to leave your belongings on the upholstered furniture and sleeping places, where bed bugs can hide. Working clothes or shape after visiting suspicious places, in terms of the presence of bed bugs, it is the best to wash thoroughly or shake it well. While visiting  the deliberately places, infected by bed bugs, use the repellent to prevent the bites of bed bugs and their penetration into the folds of clothing.

How to treat the bites of bed bugs? And whether do you need a special treatment?

How to treat the bites of bed bugs

Typically, a special treatment from bites of bed bugs is not required. If the itching is strong, for alleviating the symptoms is used the hormonal cream or oral antihistamines. Secondary infections that developed in areas heavily combed of bites may require to use antibiotics.

What can we do to avoid being bitten by bed bugs?

Prevention is in the destruction of bed bugs. Only a chemical method of the bed bugs destruction gives 100% results from the killing of them. To destroy the bed bugs we can apply the insecticides that act for adults and larvae. Bed bugs are very dangerous to humans, and you can not destroy the bed bugs by yourself. The chemical destruction of bed bugs completely eliminates them from the premises. Destruction of bed bugs carried with the contact action drugs. Fighting with bed bugs held by the special preparations.

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