Iris – Analogue Of Siri Service For Android

Android developers have quite a unique sense of humor when it comes to mocking Apple. Not so long ago the company introduced a new Apple iPhone 4S. It was one of the biggest marketing steps for this year.

Together with the iPhone 4S was submitted a new application called Siri, which allows to lead live conversation with your smartphone. The application provides answers to most questions asked,it can record a message, put the alarm clock or a memo at the direction.

One of the developers of Android applications submitted an analog of Siri. The application runs under the operating system Android, and it is called Iris. According to the developer himself, whose nickname is vari9,  he spent eight hours on application development. Needless to say, for such a small amount of time it is impossible to create a complete application. Iris is now located in the alpha testing stage..

While the application is still raw, but he has great prospects.


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