Is Iphone 6 worth buying? Is iPhone 6 the best gadget on the market?

Autumn 2014 Apple presented the new iPhone 6. And for sure the crowd of fans eagerly awaited the start of its sales to be one of the first to buy this “miracle machine”.Why all the other manufacturers quietly release their gadgets, and iPhone is always accompanied by some excitement? Is iPhone 6 the best machine on the market? Let`s see if Iphone 6 is really worth buying.

Does iPhone really remain the best? With the advent of another operating system called Android, it became iPhone’s main competitor. But Android was only developing and iPhone had already gained notoriety. So the first couple of years, until the arrival of iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4, this phone was really the best.


What can be said about the iPhone 4s, 5, 5s, 5c… by the time of coming of these devices, Android could also surprise. However, largely thanks to its former glory and qualitative marketing policy, iPhone is considered to be the best, although characterization and, more importantly, the possibilities of Apple’s devices are no longer in the lead as it was before.

After all, every new iPhone only improved speed and time of its work and was becoming thinner than its “elder brothers”. Only recently we have noticed a change of Iphone ‘s interface and screen diagonal, but on today’s market of mobile technologies that may not be enough.


Why you should buy iPhone 6? iPhone is a stylish, cool device. If you have iPhone, then you a fashionable dude. No, seriously. Everyone knows what is Iphone. And certainly it will make more impression than some Nokia and Huawei. If you just want to stand out, buy iPhone. And it gives the maximum effect.

Appearance. Iphone’s really handsome. Despite the fact that the founder of the company was for convenience and optimal screen size, iPhone has yet grown. Time will tell how convenient is iPhone 6, but previous Apple devices were comfortable and cute.

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