Microsoft filed 70 lawsuits against Ukrainian companies

In the manufacture of various courts of Ukraine are more than 70 cases involving copyright infringement of the corporation. 50 of them – more than 20 criminal and economic.

During February-March this year, law enforcement agencies of Ukraine conducted 59 inspections of businesses and organizations for compliance with legislation in the sphere of intellectual property protection, the magazine writes matter.

Microsoft filed 70 lawsuits against Ukrainian companies

Microsoft filed 70 lawsuits against Ukrainian companies

Partner Law Firm Leksfor, which represents the interests of Microsoft, Vladislav Shapoval said that the company sent to the Ministry of Internal Affairs 39 allegations of copyright infringement by Microsoft. 31 of them – for enterprise-users of counterfeit software, 4 of the statement referred to the distributors of pirated discs, 2 – installing unlicensed software on computers and 2 – copyright infringement Microsoft Internet providers.

It is known that the Ivano-Frankivsk and Odessa Providers – LAN And NO, and Lan-Telecom, the servers that MVD found pirated copies of Microsoft.

In criminal cases a Microsoft spokesperson said 14 civil lawsuits (6 – against the end-user, 3 – against the distributors of CDs and 5 – against the installers of pirated software).

Microsoft also accuses just three large Ukrainian retail chains – Hello, Diawest and Technopolis in selling unlicensed software. As clarified IT-company with a program on “mystery shopping”, which is regularly held throughout Ukraine, the sellers of these networks offer customers to install on computers that pirated software.

According to Microsoft, the level of piracy in Ukraine is 85%. That is 85 out of 100 computers installed unlicensed software. The cost of unlicensed software in Ukrainian computers with Microsoft valued at $ 272 million.