New Year’s Eve 2015 in Kiev. Route66: celebration from Dusk till Dawn!

Whistle lasso, cowboy hats, brave and spirited horses motives country. What is this, the Wild West? Not at all! This New Year’s mood, which is ready to give your favorite bike rock and roll club Route66.

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No wonder adopted to celebrate the most important holiday of mankind throughout the night, as it was at this time there are all miracles are coming true: secret desires, new friends and encountered the heart. And simply starts a new life. So the New Year 2015 we will meet under the stentorian motto “From Dusk Till Dawn,” which immortalized the immortal Quentin Tarantino.

Therefore, in the evening of December 31, and until the early hours – January 1 everyone who gets in Route66, expect entourage of Texas prairie, sexy dancers, fire show, and consistently tasty food (usually “at least a kilo per person” has not been canceled) and heady alcohol (it is, in the good old tradition, you can bring with you).

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And, of course, a wave of rock ‘n’ roll and drive. After all, we should not forget that the symbol of 2015 – a goat. Yes, it is the “goat” of the little finger and index finger, which is known to every lover of rock. So hot will be not only becouse of beautiful girls and intoxicating drinks, but also due to motives of Tarantino movie soundtracks, immortal hits of AC / DC and other songs of the legendary group.

Well, ready to celebrate the New Year “From Dusk Till Dawn”? Then come in Route66, and show everyone how you cope with drive night!

Musical madness provide:

Group “D/C train” –  “AC\DC”

Group “Western Band” – a cover of the project

Price: 590 UAH

Venue: Biker Club ROUTE 66 Kyiv, Akademika Glushkova ave., 11

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