Nina dobrev eating habits: spanish cuisine, healthy snacks and chocolate

Our readers are interested in Nina Dobrev’s eating habits. So let’s talk about this.

Every person enjoys tasty food and Nina Dobrev is not an exception. But her motto is “The most important is balance!”

The Canadian actress said: “I like being engaged in yoga, but I also like eating delicious meal, and then I go to yoga”. Dobrev confessed that it is very difficult to persist her favourite Thankgiving dish – the turkey.

Nina talks a lot about healthy way of life in her twitter, but bloggers share her photo with a sigarette in her hand.

When she does not eat her favorite holiday meal, she mixes Vitamix in a blender, in order to supply the body with healthy food. When shooting, Nina makes tasty breaks for her stomach: she adores almonds, cashew and raisins.

“Starve to be slim – it’s not my type of behaviour” – says the actress. – When I eat, I want to enjoy it! On the contrary, when I’m hungry – I feel blue mood. So during the day I let myself healthy snack, rich in proteins: a little almond or a cup of latte or espresso – and I’m in great shape again. “

Nina Dobrev’s diet. And why her figure is perfect?

Nina’s favourite cuisine – spanish

Her favourite cuisine is spanish. Sometimes she even can cook paella for her guests. By the way she prefers drinking gazpacho is summer – it’s really healthy and refreshing.

What food eats Nina Dobrev? Is she vegetarian?

Nina’s best dish that she remembers since her childhood is “banitsa”. It is bulgarian national dish which looks like s pie or roll made of dough with cottage cheese inside. Dobrev also can’t imagine herself without Mom’s lasagna, pizza and ketchup.

And of course the dessert…A bar of chocolate can raise even the worst Nina’s mood.



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