Нow to treat bed bug bites on the humans?‏

The treatment and processing of the bed bugs bites. Generally, the bed bugs bites do not cause a serious harm. Normally, the maximum harm from them is the short itching and healing red spots all over the body.

How are they treated? In order to relieve the itching and discomfort, you can use the simple tools which are easy to find at home or buy at your local pharmacy.

The main methods of the treatment after biting of the bugs are as follows:

Wash the place with bites with a water and a mild soap or rinse be the soda solution.

Apply the ice or treat the bite by the parsley juice or fresh potatoes.

In the treatment of the severe itching will help the ointment Afloderm or the best known Vietnamese asterisk. The last, incidentally, is not only a good medicine from the bites of the bed bugs, but also is a way to avoid the contamination of the wound.

The alcohol tincture of propolis disinfects well and reduces the inflammation.

If you have a lot of the bites by the bed bugs or is starting an allergic reaction, it is possible to lubricate the affected places by the Menovazin.

the ointment which can help to fight against the bed bugs bites

In general, in the treatment of the allergies you should use the antihistamines such as diphenhydramine or Diazolin. But appoint them to you by yourself is dangerous, that`s why before taking the action you should seek the medical advice.

The home medicine cabinet must have the medical anti-insect bites remedies. They will be useful not only for the bites of the bed bugs, but in the attack of the mosquitoes or wasps.

You can use these options:

The ammonia. It disinfects and relieves itching.

The ammonia bed bugs bites

The Fenistil gel or ointment Rescuer. Incidentally, both these drugs have not only relieve a bitten person, but also prevent the appearance of the allergic reactions.

Knowing how to treat the bites of the bed bugs, you can safely go on a trip to the countries where they are found in the larger quantities. But do not look for trouble and stop deliberately in the obvious “bug-infested” places.

In most cases, even when you have the serious bites, you can be okay without the special treatments. But the ointments and gels typically accelerate the healing of the  lesions.

Why the bites of the bed bugs are dangerous and how long does it take for bed bugs bites to show up and itch

Why the bites of the bed bugs are dangerous and how long does it take for bed bugs bites to show up and itch?

To the question: “Are the bed bugs bites dangerous?” is really difficult to answer unequivocally. Most people carry them normally, but in some cases, there are possible the complications, which already require the special treatment.

The most common complaint is an allergic reaction for the bites. It can occur suddenly and treated (docked) by the antihistamines. Unfortunately, it is impossible to prevent the allergy, perhaps, taking the pills all time.

The infection of the wound is very rare, because in the nighttime the bite dries and crusts. That means that it takes the nighttime for the bed bugs bites to appear, and you can find them on your body on the next morning. But to be safe, it is better to disinfect the bite. It`s personally, sometimes the bites don`t itch at all, sometimes they itch a lot, especially if we are talking about children.

Why the bites of the bed bugs are dangerous and how long does it take for bed bugs bites to show up and itch 2

By the way, the bed bugs bites go away rather quickly – within 2-3 days, however the slight redness may persist a little bit longer.

In the worst scenario the bed bugs bites can provoke the life-threatening anaphylactic shock. In this case, the treatment should be started immediately.

Children are the most sensitive to the bites of the bed bugs. And due to their small bodies weight mikro bleeding after the constant bites often lead to the iron deficiency anemia.

The bites from the bed bugs during woman pregnancy do not affect the development of  the fetus`s health. However, the overall depressed mood of future mother can reflect on the state of the embryo.

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