Rihanna has become the most popular woman on Facebook

Singer Rihanna has become the most popular woman on Facebook. At the time of this writing, her page at the social network has collected 40,570,154 marks “Like”,which is almost 23 000 more than the Lady Gaga.

In this case both the performer so far failed to catch up with the most popular userFacebook – Eminem. His page has collected 43.28 million “Laikov.” Eminem pulls ahead in February 2011 – previously the most popular Facebook user was considered to Lady Gaga.

In this case Lady Gaga is still a leader on Twitter. The number of users subscribing toits microblogging, is 11.6 million. In second place is Justin Bieber – the number ofreaders of his blog recently reached 11 million. Rihanna is 13th in the list of most popular users Twitter (6,1 million subscribers). Microblog Eminem was even lesspopular – read his 4.9 million users.

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