The new ukrainian parliament is elected – what’s next?

Ukrainian voters did their job – voted for a new parliament. But there is no time to rest up on the couch.

New parliament must be monitored. Otherwise, a new political crisis and new reelection is almost inevitable.

Parliamentary election results of the 8th convocation show that none of the political forces do not gain exclusive mandate to form a majority. And it’s definitely good. At the same time, the political system will be based on the alliance of two equal political forces – the block Poroshenko and the Narodnyi Front. Their high result shows the desire of the voters still to see the alliance of Poroshenko and Yatsenyuk.

The third participant of coalition almost inevitably becomes Samopomich. Batkivschina, Opposition bloc and the Radical Party – will likely form the opposition, although in certain circumstances, some of them may prefer to get a majority.

Low results of Tymoshenko and Ljashko is the response of the society to their “war party.”  People want peace – that’s why they chose the “party of peace” of Block Poroshenko, Narodny Front and Samopomich.

And the defeat of Hromadyanska position and Sylna Ukraine. The voter has’t sent them to the dump, they are benching. Because their story is not yet closed.

People said the final “Goodbye Lenin” to Communists. In Ukraine the history of the communist movement can be considered complete.

And the main outcome of the election – a society articulated a request to update the elite. This request was partially satisfied. Therefore, the re-election of the new parliament is inevitable.

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