The Pope Is Going To Launch A Personal Blog

On the eve of Easter the Pope responded to tough questions about faith in a television program for the first time in history. The TV program was entitled “Questions about Christ”.

The first question was asked by a Japanese girl about catastrophe that struck her country and took so many lives of innocent children. “I also ask this question. But we must not forget that in great pain and trials that God sends us there is something good, this ordeal is a one more step” – said Benedict XVI, assuring that “Christ did not turn away, did not abandon us, he loves us. “

The  Iraqi Christians who are persecuted in their country also asked questions -“How do we ensure that young people not leave Iraq?”. In response to it Pope Benedict XVI summoned to “find the strength and patience for the peaceful reconstruction of the country.”.

The Vatican significantly expanded opportunities of communication between the Pope with the faithful, including applying new technologies in telecommunications. Thus, the Vatican has a page in Facebook, records of papal speeches –in  YouTube, and soon, as the press service of the Holy See has informed, the pontiff will have a blog, which is supposed to give answers to the  questions of Internet users .

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