What documents are needed for a USA visa for Ukrainians in 2015?

Apparently, the US is one of the most desired to visit countries. However, to receive a US visa is not always so easy. That is why there are many companies that can assist you in a visa process. Most difficult is the process of filling the application and interview with the visa officer.

Subtleties of a visa to the USA

First of all, you need to consider what are your own chances to get a visa to the United States. If you have relatives in the USA, you don`t have any formal employment or you aren`t study in the University (school) in Ukraine, you fall under the category of potential immigrants. Accordingly, it will be harder for you getting a visa. Interesting fact: The US Embassy in Ukraine reported that last year more than 40 000 Ukrainians received a visa to go for vacations to the USA or for business planes. There has been renewed visa type B1 / B2 for Ukrainians to 10 years.

Rules for person who apply for an American visa

The most suitable time to record an interview is about 1 month before your upcoming trip. Your payment for entry is $12 (for each applicant). Every applicant must also pay $ 150 for the process of documents for a visa, if you receive a visa or not, no one will return the money back. Applicants who will obtained a visa must pay the courier service representative about 8 USD or equivalent in UAH (paid directly at the American Embassy) for the delivery of the passport with just issued visa. In the Embassy you’ll have a personal interview.

On some useful websites you can find many reviews of people who successfully passed the interview. You must read about it and be ready for strange questions which  isn`t logical for you sometimes.

The list of the basic documents you must have on the visa interview:

1. Passport (valid).

When you have a visa (valid), your passport hasn`t free pages, expired or will expire within 6 months:

• We recommend you to get the new passport and apply for the another visa or

• On the border of the USA you may present two certificates: one that meets the requirements concerning visas, and the second that meets the requirements regarding passport.

Remember that the traveler’s specified in the new passport must be the same, which is in the passport with visa. If you`ll have a difference in the transliteration of your name in the passport, you`ll have problems with the validity of the visa.

2. 1 photo (size 5×5 cm). Pictures must meet the following requirements:


The face must occupy the half of the area on the photo.

Made during the last half a year.

On a white background with applicant must look straight into the camera, the ears must be open, don`t wear a dark glasses or headgear (unless prohibited by religion), facial expression must be neutral. On the Embassy website you can see more information about the requirements for the picture.

3. Confirmation of filling the application form is on the same website. The form must fill at least 2 days prior to the interview. Therefore, you must timely timely submit all relevant information to the Department of tour for its completion. Or complete the questionnaire by yourself, which saves money, but takes away a lot of time.

4. Receipt of payment of the consular collection in ProCredit Bank for consideration for a visa for each applicant, children too.

5. Documents which provide the financial stability of the applicant and any document or statement that can help prove strong economic, family and social ties with the country of the applicant of his / her residence. Other documents confirming the applicant’s status in Ukraine (certificate of employment where this salary, employment history, certificate from the bank account balance, documents for the car, apartment, land, marriage certificate).

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