What kind of swimsuit will be trendy 2016? What was presented on the catwalk?

The main advantage of the collections of the season 2016 is the broadest coverage of the target audience. Presented on the catwalk swimwear was designed for girls of any complexion and of all ages and girls model of growth, women with perfect body and ladies with luxurious forms will be able to find their perfect swimsuit – beautiful, stylish, fashionable, which will delicately hide flaws and boldly demonstrate the benefits. 

In the trend of the season 2016 – closed swimsuits, lapping, pleating, ruffles. And this trend has spread on panties, shorts are on the top. Once popular thong panties next season are if not in disgrace, and it is not in the leading positions. The mystery dominates. The impression is that the designers have tried to hide as much as possible, exposing something for show only in case of emergency.


Hit of the season – swimwear resembling a dress. Of course, this fused bathing suit, equipped with the small skirt that completely covers the hips . For active women who love volleyball, water skiing, badminton and other beach sports, its a godsend. Swim-dress not only covers the hips, but also makes them slim, so it an ideal variant for a girl whose hips are far from perfect, and waist for a couple of inches bigger than desired size. Yet another advantage of the model – a special cup, effectively supporting the breast.


Another king of mystification is swimsuit. It visually expands the shoulders, excellently keeps the breasts and diverts attention from the hips, which may not be sufficiently slim. Bandini was among sales leaders last season. In this trend model baldinini will have fringe and ruffles, and for girls with petite breasts Bandini will be equipped with the push-up effect.

The new word in the next season – swimwear 2016 Plunge. They are perfect for the ladies with a magnificent bust, and for women with a beautiful back, since the front and rear have large vertical cutout. The waist seems more narrow, the figure seems slimmer, and all the advantages are no hidden and this makes a magical effect on the opposite sex.


Trikini continues its victorious march to the beaches of all five continents. Top and bottom of these swimsuit is cut out and sewn separately and you can  combine them with ribbons, straps, strips of cloth. With trikini girls, having a good imagination, spatial imagination and creative mind, get a dozen of variants of swimwear for the price of one single leotard.


It is logical that, proclaiming modesty and closeness the trend of the season, the designers went back to the retro theme.  Panties, shorts and models with a high waist are subordinated to it. Bras with wide parallel straps, with cups on a rigid frame … All this comes from the 70s of the last century, but it is adjusted for new materials and original decor. Tankini, which was popular last season, rose again in the ranking to the standard style.

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