What to do for New Year eve 2015? Five ways to celebrate New Year unusually

Options “unformatted” New Year’s Eve celebration.

Most people plan banal celebrations for the New Year 2015, buy tours to warm countries, and the ski resorts. But there will always be those who stubbornly refuses to spend New Year’s Eve in front of the TV, on the beach in the warm sea or in a cottage near the ski lifts. For just such originals offered several versions of “unformatted” New Year.

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There never flat land

Climbing on Hoverla thanks to the efforts of politicians seems almost comical. But this peak in December – a harsh place. Therefore, if you are new to winter mountains, about spending the night on the highest point of the country do not think. Can only rely on the contemplation of the sunset from the top. And then – an immediate descent. Nevertheless, according to Sergei Kopanskoe permanent conductor at the New Year Hoverla for many years, on December 31 more than a hundred people are always trying to conquer the “crown of Ukraine”. The ascent starts in the morning and if all goes well and the weather not want surprises, the climbers have time to go down to the foot, warm up and meet the chiming clock at the holiday table.

However, the tour company takes an active vacation, and offer a softer version of New Year`s eve in the Carpathians. Company tourists going in simple Hutsul hut deep in the mountains. Besides a celebratory feast, this tour involves walking short forays into the mountains in the next couple of days. Do not forget, in these winter outings comfortable shoes, light but warm clothing and gloves are mandatory. And provisions will have to carry along.

To Carpathians – on a locomotive

Pretty unformatted version – January 1 to ride the narrow gauge railway in the Carpathians. The “Carpathian tram” works on a weekend and goes to the voyage at 11.00. Under the “Carpathian tram” means travel on the narrow gauge railway in the valley of a mountain stream on the composition, consisting of an open platform, trailer and locomotive.

Depending on your plans, you can choose 2 options route. The first is designed for half a day, and the distance is 13 km. The second route takes 8 hours and goes away in the mountain range of Horhany. It should be noted that such a scenario of the New Year holidays are best for those who arrive in the Carpathians on their cars. After all, despite the fact that the map from the popular resorts of the Carpathians (Slavsko, Izky, Pylypets) appears within reach to the track “Carpathian tram”, the distance by road will be many times more.

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We want to dive

New Year’s Eve under the water ceased to be something original. In every city where there is a pool and a couple of dive clubs, you can find a company to “subsea Christmas trees.” And still – a real diver New Year succeed only in the sea. The main thing – to properly assess forces and the selected dive in features. Note for beginners safe depth – up to 3 meters. Holiday Christmas tree on the bottom put on an old pirate tradition: the core to the legs (sorry, concrete load to the trunk) – and on the bottom!

The water temperature in December in the Black Sea is kept around 10 ° C, which to dive in a diving suit is quite normal. At 23.50 the divers go to the bottom, swim and dance around the Christmas tree, who more experienced  make a sip of champagne from a bottle. This event is the key to triumph. The rest of the program is unpretentious: a feast in the hotel room or a nearby restaurant.

Scientific approach

On the second ridge of Crimean mountains have a village with the characteristic title Science. Here, at an altitude of 600 m, is the Crimean Astrophysical Observatory. Requirements for the location of observatories quite suitable for Christmas picnics: a small number of cloudy nights and the absence of cities near. Add to this the coniferous forest, specially grown to light drowned cities. And the snow here in late December, almost always there.

It has been ten years in CrAO organize New Year’s celebrations. This tour is traditionally called “Visiting astronomer.” The evening of 30 December an excursion to the telescopes of the observatory. If the sky is clear, you can see the stars and the moon . A group of celebrating the New Year together in the fresh air in the forest fire. Spend a couple of days to tour the mountain towns on the South Coast. The last couple of years have been added tours to the winery in Inkerman and Balaklava, on the underground base submarines converted into a military museum.

Let’s get stuck

In this case it is not about wanting to go on a spree for a long time in the vending pubs. Agree, this is unoriginal. Other business – literally hang in a basket attached to the balloon, fifty meters above the ground. Nothing is impossible in such a venture. Such services provide several firms of Kiev. They will provide a lift to the ball flight or at a prearranged location. But the banquet arrange on your own. Only need to be aware of some features of the “balloon New Year.”

Firstly, the fly, in the full sense of the word, nobody will give you, as night flying balloons are prohibited. Therefore, the balloon will be anchored to the ground sturdy rope. Secondly, should be good weather – no rain or snowfall. Because what’s the point venturing activities if in the fog can’t see enything ? Third, you need to choose a good place to celebrate. Lift height is not big, and the shining lights and fireworks you will not see.


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