“Yandex” has risen in price on the first day of trading by 55 percent. Video

Bidding on the shares of the Russian Internet search engine Yandex will on the Nasdaq on May 24 ended at around 38.84 dollars per share. Thus for the day, the company has risen more than 55 percent, according to the materials Nasdaq. May 24 “Yandex” has conducted a public offering (IPO) on the American Stock Exchange. The Russian company was selling securities at $ 25 apiece and has attracted 1.3 billion dollars. Previously, the business media reported that the bid book to the shares of Yandex was oversubscribed several times, according to the newspaper “Vedomosti” – 10 times. This allowed “Yandex” increase the initial range value of the shares – first in the search engine thought that may place the securities on the 20-22 dollar range and then was changed to 24-25 dollars.

“Yandex” – not the first Russian Internet company that was listed on the stock exchange. Thus, Russia has traded in securities of RBC. In June 2005, shares in London posted the “Rambler”, but in 2009 he spent a delisting. At the end of 2010 to foreign sites out Mail.Ru Group, which managed to attract around a billion dollars. In the first days of trading of its shares have risen sharply, but then investors started to dispose of securities of the company. Now one share Mail.Ru estimated the market in London a little more than $ 33, but in the IPO securities were sold at 27.7 dollars. May 24 Mail.Ru shares fell more than five percent.

“Yandex” owned by several private investors, including its founder Arkadi Volozh (19.77 per cent of voting shares), as well as funds (eg, Baring Vostok Private Equity Funds with a share of 25.97 per cent); “golden share” in the company owned Sberbank.

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