Can not conquer laziness? But that’s so easy!

Laziness is the main enemy of fruitfulness.  It is difficult to get things moving sometimes. Laziness is not only loitering but also doing anything but not the thing you need. So how to move to your aim and not waste time?

You may feel weak or in a bad mood but when you just start working at once you become more enthusiastic and energetic.

You should always have time for rest. If you work too much and sleep too little, how do you manage to have strength and desire to work? You are no a robot.

Set some prize for the fulfilled task. If the prize is something worth to you it will motivate you.

Minimize your free time not to have a temptation to lie on the sofa and watch TV. Compile a list of things you want to do and combine them when one kind of work is too tiresome.

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Divide difficult tasks into the several easier.

Plan your future steps. When one task is done you should know what to do next.

Track your progress. When you see the results of your work and your laziness, it
motivates you to keep going.

Do only one task at a time and don’t distract your attention. You will carry things out faster step by step.

If you completely ran out of enthusiasm -do something useful. Clean your table for

Try to find something interesting in the work you need to do. It will totally
absorb your attention. Results won’t keep you waiting!

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