Have you heard of emotional security? Protect yourself!

Let’s talk about the people we can call emotionally smart, the people who know which situation they need to avoid to stay calm, composed and control themselves. Some emotions attract you but don’t have any positive consequences. Look at the principles such people use in their lives. 

They don’t let other people limit their joy.Your joyshould be determined by your own achievements, not by someone’s attitude towards it.People will never say all truth or all lie about

They quickly forgive others but don’t forget the situations. In future they try to protect themselves from those who let them down.

They know when to stop discussion. When they realize that the conflict requires too much emotional strength at the point – they stop and look for some better situation when they will be able to stand their ground easily.

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They do not look for excellence. All people make mistakes and it’s better to be happy with what you’ve done than to be disappointed with the thing you’ve failed to do.

They are not living in the past. They understand that we cannot remove failures from our lives and we need to leave them in the past and continue a quiet life.

They don’tthink too much about the problems they have. Solutions are their purpose. It helps them not to stuck in the stream of difficulties and they are most effective in such way.

They avoid the type of people who permanently speak about their problems and failures.

“No” is a common word in their vocabulary. If it also in yours, you will definitely suffer from superfluous responsibilities and promises. Say only Yes or No and avoid phrases like “I’m not sure…”, “I
don’t think I can…”.

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