Chris Pratt answer the Web’s Most Searched Questions

Chris Pratt  is an American actor of film and television. He is known for his television roles in the series “Parks and recreation areas” and “Evervud” and minor roles in famous films like “Moneyball”, “Zero Dark Thirty” and “She.”

Earlier we wrote about the fact that his friend and colleague Jennifer Lawrence answered the most popular questions in the Internet about herself. So, now is Chris Pratt`s turn.

What is Chris Pratt doing?

I tell you what he is doing. He is promoting film «Passengers». Critics just saying that it is the greatest movie in the history of times.

What is Chris Pratt known for?

Primarily he is known by the film «Passengers». The best movie in the history. The history of movies.

What is Chris Pratt from Minnesota?

My family is in Minnesota, I was born in Minnesota. About three years old i`ve moved away. But I love Minnesota.

Is Chris Pratt a lefty?

No. But Jane (Jennifer Lawrence) is.


What knife is Chris Pratt using in Jurassic world?

I`m so glad you ask it. It is a customized knife. And it was so bad ass that I stole it and I have it know.

Is Chris Pratt dead?

Only on the inside.

Is Chris Pratt in the Bride Ward?

Yes, I played character called Fletcher.

Is Chris Pratt in Star Wars?

Thank God – no.

Is Chris Pratt related to Brad Pitt?

Amm… No.

Is Chris Pratt the worst Chris?

Kind of the worst.)


Is Chris Pratt the new Harrison Ford?

He was only ever be one of him.

Can Chris Pratt French braid?

We) But I call it freedom braid.

When is Chris Pratt hosting snl?

Well, I hosted once. I would like to host again as soon as they invite me back.

When did Chris Pratt move to Washington?

I moved once to Washington. I was 7 years old.


Did Chris Pratt kill Osama Bin Laden?

I`m not have liberty to say, but yes.

How did Chris Pratt got famous?

He got famous by being acting.

Why does Chris Pratt like Seahawks?

Because there are solid Americans, who live by example, because there are dominate football force.

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