Jennifer Lawrence & Chris Pratt Insult Each Other

Celebrities of new fiction film “Passengers” Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence participated in the new issue Playground Insults.  The purpose of the event is to make laugh the opponent by the most ridiculous offense.

So, Jennifer Lawrence starts…

J: You are so fallsy strong. If I had a choice of you and your wife to protect me, I would choose her.

C: Why did they call it «Joy»?

J: I really left you in every word, said no one ever.

C: I can`t think of everything bad about you, because I like you.

J: Shut your mouth! Shut up! You are so stupid, that your three year old sun is probably taught everything you know.

C: It`s such a shame to meet somebody you thought you`d like.

J: You are so dumb that I consciously make an effort not to use compound words or words more than three syllables.

C: How does it feel be in a stupidest Marvel Movie?


J: You are so bad in actin that the cast of Saved by the Bell feel sorry for you.

C: I recently told you that you act like a devil seniors. I hate the devil.

J: where do you keep your Oscar?

C: You were giving Oscar for the best actress. You were also given for being the worst.

J: you are such a bad guy. Your beard is so sin… Okay, you are so old that your publicists are the registered nurse.

C: You have so much fake hair that if you commit a crime the CSI lab would probably convict some Ukrainian girl.

C: During our sex scene I felt your dick rubbing on me.


Earlie we wrote about Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt answered the most popular Web questions.

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