How can I get rid of cockroaches in the apartment? Some photo tips

The question of how to get rid of cockroaches in an apartment had long ceased to be a serious problem: for the last fifty years the chemical industry has developed a lot of means, that effectively help to get rid of cockroaches and are safe for humans.

But how to get rid of cockroaches once and for all? The scientists and technologists still argue: this task requires not only a one-time application of the necessary remedy, but methodical work to improve the condition of the apartment, adjacent rooms and sanitary condition. In this case, getting rid of cockroaches should be combined with a whole set of sanitary measures.

Effective ways to get rid of cockroaches

The most effective way to get rid of cockroaches – it is not strange is the guidance of full cleanliness and the order in the apartment, as well as tits constant maintenance at the proper level. Such measures won’t give the immediate result. But in the long run they will create unbearable living conditions for cockroaches.

How can I get rid of cockroaches

To eliminate cockroaches in the house, you must:

Make sure that the there is be no open food in your house. All uneaten leftovers sould be hidden in the refrigerator or packed in jars or plastic bags tightly. Wipe the surface on which crumbs could be left, as well as butter or some spilled drinks.

Carefully wipe dry all sinks, bath and dishes. Cockroaches need constant access to water, and in the absence of it they leave the room very quickly.

Get rid of the emerging sites that can serve as shelters for cockroaches: Open wallpapers, racked baseboards, cracks in the floor, open niches in the furniture.

Regularly ventilate the room – it will not only help to get rid of cockroaches in the apartment, but also will support the well-being of people living in it.

And only if you coldn’t get rid of cockroaches quickly, you should apply the methods of their direct destruction – to accelerate the effect of:processing the room with insecticides. Today it is the best way to get rid of cockroaches, which provides quick results and the possibility of applying always and everywhere.

Freezing the apartment or house. It is a very effective way to get rid of cockroaches: adults and larvae of all kinds die when the temperature drops below minus 8 ° C.

Using special traps. How not quickly and quietly were the cockroaches, you can get rid of them by using the well-known and all sticky traps in which they are either hiding or which they adhere and can not get out.

How can I get rid of cockroaches in the apartment.

The use of poisoned baits. Also quite effective way, but it works only with a small number of pests in the room. Baits are often prepared using boric acid.

It is important to remember that these methods of getting rid of cockroaches allow to destroy insects, as they say, here and now. But none of them does not guarantee that in a week or a month cockroaches and their relatives will not crawl again from your neighbors.

Because to get rid of cockroaches all these methods should be used in conjunction with the general landscaping and cleaning of the apartment.

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