How to protect yourselves from the cold in spring?

In spring we get cold even more often than in winter.What to do if you caught a cold? Run to the pharmacy? Or maybe start to harden? 

Spend a little time and then for many years you will be able to save money on medications.

Measure is necessary

If you decide to do hardening, remember the basic principles:

Systematic. Any tempering procedures must be held not occasionally, but every day! It is proved that the body is accustomed to faster and better cold when cooled for five minutes each day, than ten minutes, but every other day. Long breaks lead to the weakening or complete loss of acquired protective reactions.

Gradualness and consistency. We must start with soft procedures, gradually moving to more powerful ones. It is recklessly to engage immediately in rubdown with snow or ice swimming. This “hardening” will certainly end with severe colds. You should gradually increase the time of procedures.

Individual approach. Reaction to the tempering procedure varies in different people. All of the factors are important: health status, age, physical activity. It is important to take into account the climatic conditions in which people live and work, the various vagaries of the weather.

How to protect yourselves from the cold in spring 1

Get rid of the slippers

Let’s try to start the hardening with phase-out slippers. First, for a few minutes (no more than 15-20), then longer and longer. Better to start with walking in a warm room on a carpet or rug, and then – on a wooden floor, and then on the tile floor. So you gradually prepare the body for the summer walking barefoot on the ground. Use every opportunity to do it: go the cottage hous, walk barefoot in the park or in the forest.

An excellent result can be reached with the help of the contrasting foot bath. Take two dasins wiyh hot (35-40 ° C) and cold water (15-18 degrees). Alternately immerse your feet in one container or into the other. Make this change 2-3 times. In hot water legs are for 2-3 minutes, in the cold – 30 seconds.Begin and end the procedure with hot water.

Another method of hardening is the vaporarium. It coaches the thermoregulatory mechanism of our organism and thus increases the body’s resistance to adverse environmental factors. Before entering the steam room, take a warm shower without soap or a foot bath.

This procedure will soften the transition to higher temperatures. Do not soak your hair and be sure to put on the head a felt or knitted cap or just cover your head with a towel folded in half – so you can prevent from overheating, heatstroke.

Steam treatments are contraindicated after a great physical exertion, with a strong fatigue. The steam is harmful late in the evening, just before bedtime on an empty stomach or vice versa – just after a heavy meal. Alcohol is absolutely unacceptable.

How to protect yourselves from the cold in spring

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