How old is Diplo? Is he married and does he have children?

Electronic dance music is becoming more and more popular, it can be heard in the music lover with headphones,  in the clubs, cafes as well as at the big concerts or festivals. Many boys in childhood did not dream to be a fireman, they want to be DJs.

Today DJ work – is not just entertainment, it is also a way of making money. DJs give interviews, make video clips, their music is more popular than the top songs of pop or rock stars. And we are not surprised that girls are more and more interested in the private lives of DJs, sometimes even more than the lives of famous actors.

Diplo is one of the most popular DJs of nowadays. His tracks take masthead positions in various charts, and the song `Lean On` by Major Lazer (one of the Diplo projects) hit the top of most Shazamed tracks!


That is why today we tell you some interesting facts about the Diplo for those interested in its creative and personal life.

What is Diplo real name?

Diplo real name is Thomas Wesley Pent. He is originally from the US, but calls Jamaica second home, because that is where he wrote music and attending parties. Due to his activities in electronic dance music appear Latin American rhythms and African bats.


How old is diplo?

Diplo is 38. He was born on November 10, 1978 in Tupelo, Mississippi. His father was interested in various wildlife – manatees, crocodiles, dinosaurs. In childhood Diplo often spent time with his father in his shop in Miami, that`s why he also love to be penetrated paleontology. During his life he worked social worker and teacher, in parallel worked as a DJ. Most remained with the students after school, helped develop reading and math. In an interview said that teachers work hard and bad, and that he always wanted to study music and entertain people.


What does diplo mean?

The first Thomas Wesley Pent  pseudonym was Wes Gully, and then he took the pseudonym Diplo, which he derived from the name of dinosaur. Diplo – is abbreviated name of dinosaur  Diplodocus. This nickname is a tribute to the children’s delight, because Thomas studied extinct animals as a child.

Is diplo gay?

Is diplo gay – it is one of the most popular queries in Google. Where such a response? Once DJ wrote in his twitter that he is a half gay. Since that time all started. He made the tweet in response to rapper Angel Haze. We are only left to guess what a DJ Diplo meant.


Who is diplo dating?

DJ Diplo popular and beautiful man. He was constantly surrounded by women. From 2003 to 2008 he dating with the singer M.I.A. There were rumors about his affair with Kate Hudson, Katty Perry and even Madonna. Officially, the rumors are not confirmed.

Diplo also has two sons from Katherine Lockhart: Lockett Major Wesley Pentz (2010) and Lazer Lee Louis Pentz (2014).

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