New Year traditions in Ukraine

New Year traditions in Ukraine compiled with centuries, knowledge of them passed on from mother to daughter, from father to son. Of course, today a lot of traditions are not as they’ve been before, but they still are, even modified.

New Year is definitely one of the most fun holidays in Ukraine but the greatest holiday is Christmas. And tradition is mostly prevalent on this holiday.

Before Christmas by the church statute was four-week Advent (Pylypivka), from 27 November to 6 January. At this time, all performed household chores: white chamber, cleaned paintings, hung out the best towels, rugs laid. Decorated place for icons with especially solemnly decorated and lighted candle or lamp. It set the first character of the three winter holidays – didukh (sheaf of ears of corn or wheat, collected late harvest). Grains from diduch stored until spring, then add it to seed – for a rich harvest. Christmas in Ukraine by pagan traditions associated with ancestor worship, worship of the souls of the dead. Thus, stewed fruit, especially kutia that must be on every table – actually a memorial dishes.


In the morning of January 7 Ukrainians went to church to pay homage to the newborn Christ. After the liturgy of the Church family again gathered at the celebratory dinner that was no longer lean, and began a great Christmas feast. Fat, liver, sausages, various meats – all should be on the table.

In the afternoon, following a deserved rest. Visit  relatives should after lunch. Married children usually go to their parents. It is an ancient Ukrainian tradition to put up that day, forgive each other insults, free and spontaneous, to the full extent feel the joy of life.

In the beginning there was good custom to wish each other happiness and the hosts’ health. After Holy Supper Ukrainians started to go to their homes, singing and playing everyday scenes congratulated the owners and their children.

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