How to behave with a girl on a first date? What to talk about?

How to behave on a first date with a girl? What is the best themes to talk about?

Each of us at least once in his life asked himself this question. Let’s look at some tips for how to make a positive impression and not to be boring.


1. Take responsibility for your date on yourself. Think carefully about where and when you go with a girl on the first date, and what you will do.

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2. Set the physical contact with the girl. You have to think about all possible situations that can create a haptic contact. You have to touch the girl as often as possible. Do not paw her, namely touch: gently and as if by chance, unintentionally and unobtrusively. Try to behave naturally, with the development of your conversation, do it as if by chance, until she gets used to your hands and relaxes.


3. Smile! Ironic and enigmatic smile of patron and heartthrob – this is a win-win situation for any girl, and not only on the first date. But keep in mind that sexy and quiet smile is better than a silly giggle or a horse neighing. Choose your best desired smile, in an extreme case, watch how the heroes-lovers in Hollywood melodramas smile.


4. Show your gallantry and care. Do we need to say that on a first date with a girl you should behave  gallantly only? Open the door for her in a cafe and night club, give her hand when she comes out of the vehicle, help to put on or put off the coat and so on. Good chance to prove your gallantry and care is helping her to cross the road. In this case, then do not rush to release her hand. And try to extend your gallant behavior not only during the first but also during all subsequent dates.


5. Talk to the girl on the topics that are interesting for her. When you want to interest the person, then you need to ask about her and her interests, listen carefully and show your solidarity. Do not make mistake, constantly talking about how wonderful and unique you are.


6. You need to behave confidently on a first date. So, do not fuss. Adjust your breath and check if you do not laugh too loud or talk too quickly, too emotionally. All this are the signs of uncertainty. The golden rule of self-confidence is “Better slower than fussy” or “haste makes waste.”

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7. Pay her compliments. And the main thing here is sincerity. And originality. Especially if you are really close to the attractive girl. But the banal compliments are contraindicated.


8. On the first date be sure to have a sense of humor. Just do not tell stupid and vulgar jokes !!! They are good in the bath, but not on the first date. Humor – this is what makes her laugh and makes your communication more pleasant and easier.

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9. Surprise her. And here it is necessary to use your imagination. The girl should not necessarily be amazed with presents on the first date, it is possible to strike her imagination with attention or just a small surprise. It is not necessarily to buy flowers for this case. You can just buy a small sweet card with gentle words intended for her.


10. Kiss her. And even if it is short kiss of closed lips on her wrist – it’s still a kiss. As this is the first step of the stairs leading up to her warm heart and even hotter body.


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