How to build hamstrings at home? Stretching for tight hamstring muscles

The best exercises for the hamstrings are those that involve the maximum amount of muscles that not only helps to increase strength and mass, but also to work out your muscles relief. In this case we are talking about the basic exercises that involve multiple joints to work. If you do these exercises technically correctly, gradually increasing the load, we guarantee that you get excellent shape of your hamstring.

In order to understand how to choose an activity, it would be nice to know the anatomy. Hamstring involves moving more than two joints and consists of three main muscles: the semimembranosus, semitendinosus and biceps femoris. Joint movement of these muscles – bending the knee and pressing the heel to buttock.

So as part of this group of muscles attach to the ischial tuberosity, they, together with the gluteal muscles are involved in hip extension – movement as if you were banging someone standing behind you.

If you hamstrings are tense, and gluteal muscles are weakened, then you run the risk with back problems. That is why the isolated exercises on this muscle group is not for everyone.

How to build hamstrings at home. deadlift

Exercises for the back of the thigh

1. Starting position: Stand with your left foot is placed on the platform, the right one remains behind on the floor. The distance between the front and rear feet must be such that, when lowering the front foot (left), the knee bents at 90 °, the right leg of the same also forms a flexion angle of about 90 °, and the knee almost touches the floor. Hands on the belt (lightweight version) or with dumbbells at your sides. Your back is straight.

Execution: Slowly sit down, almost to touch the floor with the knee of the back foot. Both knees are bent to a right angle. Then slowly return to the starting position. Back is straight, do not lean forward, look just above the horizont.

How to stretch after all exercises:

Young woman seated hamstring stretch

2. Lie on the floor on your back, bend your right leg at the knee, the foot on the floor. Straighten the left leg. Extend your hands along the body. Based on the right foot, push down off the floor and lift your pelvis to make your body form a straight line from the heel of the left foot to the shoulders. Hold for two counts and slowly lower yourself to the starting position. Repeat this exercise 20 times and then change your legs.

3. Get on all fours. Back is straight, elbows are just below the shoulder joints. Put the dumbbell under the knee of the left leg and hold hit with your leg. Slowly lift your left leg up to form a straight line with the body. Lift the leg up, as if trying to reach your buttocks with the heel. Perform 15-20 repetitions and lower the knee to the floor. Change the legs.

4. Take the plank pose: your hands are placed directly under the shoulders, the legs are joined together. Put a foot on the floor. Do not lower the pelvis – the body should form a straight line. Hold hands perpendicular to the body, slowly push your knee forward, pulling it to your breast. Return the leg to the starting position and move it aside. Go back to the starting position. Do 20 repetitions and change your legs.

5. Squatting with weights: the following exercise for the hamstrings is considered one of the most effective. Stand up straight, bend your knees slightly. Take the dumbbell or a bottle of water in each hand. Beginners should use the weight of 1-1.5 kg. When the technique is perfected, you can increase the weight of each dumbbell up to 2.5 kg and more. Raise your hands with dumbbells at chest level and do squat. In this case, thighs are parallel to the floor or slightly lowered. This exercise can be complicated by a combination of squats with the raising of hands. In this case, you will provide additional strain to your back muscles and arms.

One more for your stretching:

Stretching for tight hamstring muscles

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