How to get a visitor visa to the United States for the Ukrainians in 2016?

Once you have started travelling abroad, nothing seems to compare with this, especially for the Ukrainians who have long been living behind the Iron Curtain dating back to the USSR period. New traditions, original cultures, lots of friend you make and the incredible experienceyou get on visiting the countries broaden your horizon and relax after the year in work. But what is more important – the memories you are filled with and the refreshment you are given. What country can be the next to go? Recently, the United States of America has become a real attraction for Ukrainians. The only obstacle on the way to see it may become the process of visitor visa obtainment.

What is a visitor visa to the United States?

A visitor visa is a non-immigrant visa granted to people who go to the US for temporary stay, for example, for business, recreation, or medical treatment. Candidates applying for a visitor visa must, first of all, claim the purpose of the journey whether it is to consult with business partners, participate in scientific, educational, professional or business congress or conference, solve property issues or negotiations on contract, travel, be a part of a tourism movement, entertain, visit friends or relatives, get treatment measures or fulfill other social goals as well as receive some services.

How to get a visitor visa to the United States for the Ukrainians in 2016?

The rules for Ukrainians eager to obtain a visitor visa to the United States in 2016 differ a bit from those stated by the USA embassies in other countries. Though they are not severe enough to stop anyone from trying and then enjoying an opportunity to see the USA with own eyes. People who apply for a visa (the applicants) must do certain actions after you fill in the application form online.

  1. Prove that they are qualified to receive this type of visa, according to the requirements of the Immigration and US citizenship. According to the presumption of the law, every person applying for a visitor visa is a potential immigrant. Thus, applicants have to object this presumption and state their visit aims coincide with the visitor visa specifications.
  2. Give the necessary documentationshowing the purpose of their trip to the USAis either business, leisure or treatment. The documents must be legal and meet the need of the embassy requirements.
  3. Demostrate by means ofappropriate recordsthat they plan to stay in the US for a limited period of time, for example, the return tickets, accommodation rent certificate etc.
  4. Show the level and the sources of their financial supply. The appliicants must be able to pay for the entire visit in the USA, so their funds must cover expenses, including health insurance.
  5. Give the authorized records that they have a residence in Ukraine and other commitments that guarantee their return back to Ukraine after the expiry of the visitor visa. A separate list of criteria will be useful if it demonstrates such commitments exist, containing explanation of such obligations assigned by the applicant. The term commitments generally presupposes social, economic and other ties.
  6. After the appointment by the phone a person claiming for a visitor visa will be interviewed in the embassy office where he or she will be asked about the aim of applying for this type of visa and the term you are going to spend in the quest country.

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