How to get a work visa in the United States for the Ukrainians in 2016?

Employment of the workers from abroad in the United States without a permission of the Immigration and Citizenship Services (USCIS) is not forbidden. So, you must get a work visa in the nearest embassy. The procedure of getting this kind of visa for Ukrainians in 2016 is rather complicated and while applying one have to learn that US Consulate do not help in searching for jobs or internships. To get a work visa, the future employee in the US must submit a petition to the Citizenship and Immigration Services. Recently the consulates have approved nonimmigrant visa petitions according to a new report. Each applicant should call the local embassy information office to get all the data about the requirements and obligations they can face in case of obtaining a work visa in 2016. People whose aim is to travel to the United States in search of temporary employment must obtain a nonimmigrant work visa. All types of work visas are given on the ground of the invitation to work from any of the USA employer.

What are the subtypes of work visas in the US for the Ukrainians?

Work visasfor the Ukrainians differ in the kind of sphere you are going to work, the period of time they are expired and the fees you can be obliged to pay. Whatever work visa you chooseto apply for pay attention to the details and demands. This will prevent you from rewriting the petitions and applications over and over.

  1. Visa H-1B is for those who obtained complete higher education and are certified with the corresponding diplomas, with specialization noted there, especially in such highly specialized fields as architecture, engineering, physics, social sciences, medicine and health, education, law, theology, humanities or business managing.
  2. Visas H-2A type can be given to temporary or seasonal agricultural workers and it prohibits getting occupation in any other sphere.
  3. Visa H-2B allows to be employed as a temporary or seasonal workers (but not in agriculture or farming).
  4. Visa H-3 is given to trainees with the exception of medicine and education fields.
  5. Visa L-1 is for individuals who work in the company office whose headquarter originally sits in the USA. Those who occupy a managing or executive position in the same company in Ukraine or is a leading specialist can apply for this type of work visa too.

How to get a work visa in the United States for the Ukrainians in 2016?

If you have finally distinguished what kind of a work visa you need, follow the standard procedure. Surf the website of the US consulate and step by step follow the requirements written there. If any point is troublesome or difficult to understand, feel free to contact the embassy information office by phone or e-mail. You will get either an informative explanation or even a set of instructions will be sent to your e-mail address within 2 days. Here are the details one should bear in mind to get a work visa in the United States.

  1. Collect the total package of documents, like Ukrainian passport, the place of residence note and the tax payer certificate, as well as the records about the amount of moneyon your bank account and make copies of them.
  2. Enter the website of the consulate and fill in the online application for. Make sure the internet connection you use will be stable during this registration. While typing in personal information, do not cheat, as all the discrepancies will be considered as lies, and and you will not have a chance to apply any other type of the US visa later.
  3. Use correct spelling, grammar and punctuation. If you can not do this properly, consult the travel agencies – they offer this service for certain wages depending on the rate of the company.
  4. On filling in the questionnaire, wait for several days – the consulate have to contact you within this period of time and appoint the date and the hours of interview you must come to in time. You will talk with an embassy clerk about the field you work, the place you live and the job you want to get in the USA. Consider the fact that carrying some items to the embassy is prohibited.
  5. In addition to the visa fee, all applicants can be ordered to related fees for the documents authentification and revision. It can comprise up to 500 dollars.

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