How to get rid of cockroaches using boric acid? Some effective methos to fight the insects

Among all the folk remedies in the fight with cockroaches boric acid is known, perhaps, more than any other. There are so much recipes of toxic mixtures with boric acid that the pests became the real gourmets.

Boric acid is applicable in almost all the areas and situations. However, despite its versatility this powder has its own characteristics, positive and negative. Therefore, to know how to poison cockroaches with boric acid, it is necessary before deciding whether to use it: in some cases it may be better to use other methods.

General properties

Boric acid in normal conditions is a white pellet, flake like. It is odorless and tasteless, melts at 170 ° C  gradually losing water and changing the chemical composition.

The effectiveness of boric acid against cockroaches

For cockroaches, like for most other insects, boric acid is a potent poison. The action of boric acid on cockroaches  is that entering the digestive tract of the insect, it enters the blood through the nervous system and causes severe irritation of peripheral nerves of the insect. When exceeding the lethal dose, the pest is paralysed and then dies of suffocation.

Accordingly, the boric acid to be effective against cockroaches, it is necessary that the cockroach has swallowed it, and preferably – in large quantities by measurements of the insect. Therefore, any means of cockroaches with boric acid is used to cause the insects to eat this poison.

the folk remedies in the fight with cockroaches

Ways to use boric asid

It is not necessary to prepare the poison of boric acid with addition of eggs, flour, vanilla or other components entrapping their smell and taste. In most cases, it will be sufficient to scatter material in places where the pests often move – around baseboards, around the base cabinets under the sink. Once the pest run through the powder, the particles of boric asid remain on its legs. Then, in the shelter, the insect begins to clean the jaws and legs and involuntarily swallows the powder itself. With all outgoing consequences.

2-3 mg of the powder is enough for the pest. Consequently, the 10-gram sachet sold in a pharmacy, in theory would be enough to kill many thousands of insects. However, in practice the fight against cockroaches with the help of boric asid requires much more spending of poison, since the bulk of the drug is consumed “idle”, and insects never meet with it.

borax and boric acid

Boric acid: does it really helps to kill roaches?

Today, because of the frequent and widespread use of boric acid there are cases when it does not help. This is due to both improper use of the substance, and with the emergence of insects resistant to it. In such cases, it makes sense to use more modern poison against pests.

The rules of application

To make cockroaches and boric acide met in an apartment, you must either attract pests to it or place a poison where insects are constantly moving. In the simplest case it is sufficient to scatter the material with thin paths around the sink, toilet and bath. From these reservoirs cockroaches constantly drink water and go “to drink” through placer poison, they are likely to infect themselves.

Boric acid or the other measures?

Boric acid became practically inapplicable at the time when fashion aerosols, gels, and other means to stop roaches appeared at the market. But we do not think that this is correct, because there is no sense to spend money on these means if you can get rid of the insects at virtually no cost.

Boric acid is one of the most powerful poisons for insects, and roaches are no exception. Acid must necessarily enter the mouth of the insect, thus you should produce edible, but poisonous baits, or simply spill the acid in places of their cluster. For the death of parasites it is enough 2-3 mg of this poison. If the substance has got into the digestive system of the roach –  it is absorbed into the blood, where most strongly affects the peripheral nervous system, resulting in a strong convulsions, paralysis and death by asphyxiation.

trap for the cockroaches

The best way of the boric acid usage for the best results

Before applying boric acid against cockroaches you need to learn how to do it and not blame the inefficiency of this means due to incorrect use. There are two options how to feed cockroach with the drug. The first and easiest – to sprinkle the powder where they cluster, the track on which they run. The idea is that the individual, having walked, bring it on its legs into the slot. There a cockroach certainly  starts to clean limbs and so acid gets into its mouth.

You can also drink insects with boric acid. One sachet is dissolved in a saucer of water, which is then placed in corners or sink in the kitchen or bathroom. Before doing that you should first wipe all the available surfaces from water. Cockroaches can not live without water and in the absence of it in the usual places  all of them will rush to the saucer to drink, and it is poisoned.

home remedies

Bait recipe with boric acid

Boil one unpeeled potato and one hard-boiled egg.
The ingredients are ground and mixed together.
Added 1 tbsp o fboric acid to the mixture.
A thick batter is required to roll in the balls and put them in the habitat of insects.
Even after several weeks these balls are also effective.

The effectiveness of this recipe will depend on the thoroughness of overlap the cockroaches the access to other sources of food. Sweep away all the garbage and throw it away, wash the floors, hide all the food in the refrigerator, in banks, in any container, irresistible to insects. That’s the time for them to eat the bait.

flour and boric acid

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