How to serve a table for formal dinner? The best tips are in our article

Table layout for dinner has some general principles. A table for party dinner is laid in the same way as for a lunch. Usually for such dinner the same dishes are proposed as for lunch except for first meal.

A table layout for everyday dinner consists of:

—there has to be a separate table for snacks ;

—it isn’t necessary to put a vase with fruits on the main table. Fruits are proposed separately at the end of the evening. Candles in a beautiful candlestick or a vase with fresh flowers will be beautiful decoration;

— round plates of small size with a pie, cakes, jelly are put on a table on each part of a table;

— next to them are served two plates of an oblong form with a main meal. This is obligatory by the correct dinner table layout;

— then two narrow and long plates with aspic made of meat or fish are put ;

How to serve a table for formal dinner 2

— bottles with water and fault are put  between dishes on special supports . Near some piles of small plates for a main meal are put. There are two plates more in a pile as guests are invited. They are necessary to put necessary folks and knives on these plates;

— in four places of a table, near dishes with the sweet plateaus for a dessert are put. Again put dessertspoons and forks on the top excess plates;

— on perimeter of a table plates for aspic are put, from their right side put forks how a table layout for a dinner obliges;

— on a table put four sauce-boats, saltcellars have to be twice less then are folks and knives;

— ahead of folks and knives put shot glasses, wine glasses, glasses for champagne if this drink is served;

— the serving plates have to be chosen by color and drawing as that is wished by table layout for a dinner. It is desirable that all plates were from one service. If it is impossible, it is necessary to follow the rule: plates for aspic and a plate for it have to be identical. Plates for a main meal and salad bowls can be of other color, etc. Other color and drawing of plates for a dessert or sweet dishes is possible. The same rule works for a choosing a folks and knives.

According to a table layout for a dinner napkins should be put on a table.

How to serve a table for formal dinner 3

Some styles of serving a dinner table

The table for a dinner is laid in different ways as for a lunch. We will differentiate  some styles:

1. English table layout for a dinner.

Candles are used there. We accept such way with a few guests. But such table is rich with details. Beautiful flowers, ancient subjects of use, expensive things are necessary and it is desirable family service. Each subject has to correspond to this style. Each component of laying has to fit harmoniously. Such dinner is accompanied well by beautiful music. As a good background a fireplace will serve.

2. Table layout for a dinner on a seasons.

The table has to be stylized according  certain season. For example, the yellow or red-brown cloth, orange plates, bouquets from autumn leaves, candles and napkins of an autumn orientation is possible in autumn. It will have good look service from ceramics. On a table there have to be vegetables, fruit, berries which pick up in autumn. It is similarly possible to serve laying for any other season.

In table layout for a dinner on a small plates are put snack bars. Above them is put a napkin.

How to serve a table for formal dinner 4

To the left of the guest there has to be a grain plate. Between it and snack bar three forks in such order from the guest have to lie: table, fish and snack. On the right side put three knives in an opposite order. Before a plate in two rows put glasses for drinks. The first row (from left to right) consists of a shot glass for vodka (tincture), a glass for fortified wine or a shot glass for Madeira, a glass for water. The second row (similarly from right to left) a glass for white wine and a wine glass for champagne. If the dessert is given, behind rows of glasses put folks or spoons for a dessert which requires a table layout for a dinner.

The ordinary way to finish your dinner

If dinner is finished by tea drinking, cups for tea and a saucer are served on a table. But it is much better if a table for tea is laid separately.

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