A table layout for dinner party. What are the main steps to a beautiful table set up?

How to serve the table for dinner party. First what we will tell you is a table layout for dinner, our final article from a cycle about serving of a table. Earlier we wrote about a morning and dining table and now you learn how to make evening meal unforgettable and beautiful.

Dinner can be family, with friends, colleagues or absolutely strangers. But in each of these cases it is desirable to serve a table as it is possible closer to rules of the etiquette. Of course, they leave you opportunity for experiments and imaginations, but in principal it is required to follow to basic rules.

The top of the table

So, we begin with preparation of a top of a table: it can be covered by a tablecloth, and to lay a fabric napkin near each guest. On the center of a table it is possible to put composition of flowers or other thematic element (a fir-tree on a New Year’s table, a sheaf of cones for any religious holiday).

Basic principles of arrangement of utilities:

-3 plates are put near every guest: a plate for snack on a plate for a main meal, plus at the left for a diagonal — a grain plate;

-on left side of a plate 3 forks (table, fish, snack) teeth up, on the right — 3 similar knives with blade to a plate;

– soup spoon is put over a plate with cambers down;

-in front of fork and spoon are put glasses, wine glasses, shot glasses and glasses for water and juice;

– table for tea drinking can be laid separately and it is possible to put utensils  at once over the main set;

– a snacks have to be placed on a separate table;

-arrangement of dishes has to be symmetrical (for example, at the edges — two tureens, are closer to the center — oblong dishes with a main meal, between them —  bottles with drinks);

How to serve the table for dinner party 3

-saltcellars and pepperboxes have to be 1 for two guests;

-sauce-boats are evenly placed between main meal;

-from two parties of a table it is possible to put dishes with a dessert, but most often it is given separately;

-if there is a place, the table can be decorated with small fruit vases.

How to serve the table for dinner party 2

Table layout for dinner

As for color scale, it is desirable that all devices and ware were from one set or at least of one color. Spoons for a dessert and snack can be different on a separate small little table. Napkins have to be fabric and are put on plates of guests or near them in special ringlets. Tissues can be put on a little table for snack. For the rest things are easy: the pleasant light music, an easy friendly chat and a good mood and hospitality of owners have to make good party evening.

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