Is Nina Dobrev pregnant? Are Nina and Ian expecting a child?

One of the most popular editions of Canada published the news that Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder are expecting a baby. It is worth noting that the actors do not deny such news. Does this mean that Nina is actually pregnant?

Journalists began to suspect that Nina Dobrev is pregnant when the actress had refused of a glass of her favorite wine having dinner with her boyfriend, Ian Somerhalder.

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Nina only was drinking water throughout the evening, and then the very next day the publication that the woman is expecting a baby came out in the media. The press service of Nina Dobrev does’t hurry to deny such news.

Recently the actress has the advantage of baggy outfits and the fans of the show have noticed that Nina actually gained weight. There are some journalists who believe that pregnancy of the main heroine of “The Vampire Diaries” – is a great PR move in order to remain at the hearing.

Are Nina and Ian expecting a child or is it just a rumor?

We will be able to find out very quickly: soon the girl will not be able to hide the chubby tummy under dresses.

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