“Park Residence” in Odessa. Don’t come without a wads of cash and pre-booking

Park Residence is located in a conservation park area of Odessa, in the exclusive seaside area. Surrounded by pine forest, far from the noise of the city. Restaurant Park Residence – a pleasant place for business meetings, and for the noisy companies.

The restaurant offers you a French-Italian cuisine, which, with its delicious dishes will satisfy even the most discerning palates. In the “Park” available popular in recent years Japanese cuisine that its goodies will please all fans of exotic. In addition, we have a wonderful “grill menu”, which collected a wide variety of dishes cooked over an open fire. The new menu is designed with a focus on current food preferences of visitors Odessa restaurants.

Every weekend airspace of two floors of Park Residence is filled with the sounds of vibrant dance music performed by our singers, “live bands” and resident DJs of our club.

Singing helps you to relax, relax your body and soul, makes it possible to get a positive emotional charge and chat with friends. Karaoke Bar combines both amateurs and professionals of all ages.

For sports fans in the complex, are equipped professional tennis courts. Swimming pool, summer playground and fresh sea air make this complex a great place for a family holiday. We know a lot of ways how to create a perfect mood and make the celebration to remember.

Today “Park” is the perfect place for those who like to empty the bowl of entertainment to the bottom, and only a gastronomic restaurant, where on weekends live music.

Ukraine, Odessa, French Boulevard 85

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