Report of Russian special services to Putin after James Brien Comey fired

  • In the US, the president who won thanks to us – the opinion of the American media.
  • The president of the USA, against which people go to the protests.
  • President, against whom the FBR is investigating.
  • Our Trump fired our main enemy, the head of the FBI, – James Brien Comey.
  • Trump strikes at democracy in the US.
  • Russia and Putin win because of their US weak president, and so people read the news in the media.

Why did Trump fire the head of the FBI? Fear? Demonstration of power? Personal animosity? Officially Comey was dismissed because of non-effective leadership …

Russian media applaud Trump, support him. They write that Obama wanted to fire James Brien Comey, but did not have time.

I think Trump wanted to demonstrate strength, or just crazy. The media will attack the presidential administration, accuse him of having connections with Putin. Trump will have to demonstrate strength again. Now he will have to do it against the Russians. But сan the Trump attack Putin real? I’m sure that Putin has a scrap on Trump. The Russians can prove their connection with Trump…

Trump On His Firing Of James Comey, and Putin`s reaction: