Social networks and collective intelligence

No matter what has been said, but social networks became the main trend of the last year . That’s not only because  of their achievements, the growth of the audience or the new “features”,  but mainly because of their instrumental potential, which finally revealed in full extent.

Thanks to the FaceBook and Twitter, we entered a new phase of the information age. We can not say that it became a surprise: scientists have predicted that openness and accessibility of information, eventually, will find the most convenient and widespread form of submission. Almost forgotten  law of dialectics has worked this time:  quantity developed into quality and now scandalous information from Wikileaks  became  a news show, mass media transferred into the nfinite republication of recommended materials by users, chatting with friends means megabytes of links that are filtered without our participation.

That’s why Melnichenko’s films  somehow sneaked into the history  – essentially,they were the same Wikileaks, but without the support on Facebook. At that time the response has been achieved without social networks, but, judging by the latest news from Tunisia and Egypt,  revolution without  “Twitter” doesn’t work.

Thanks to social networks, we obtained the opportunity to see the image of a modern human. Tell me what you “like” or “retweet” and I’ll tell you who you are. Right there is the true  information about yourself , not in the profile, where you can write anything you want.  Advertising can also add much information on this topic. Create a composite image of the Facebook user by his activities and you will receive a portrait of a modern man without expensive case studies or polls.