The current Real Estate market situation in Odessa

Analyzing the latest offers on the Real Estate market in Odessa, it becomes clear that popular cheap real estate – one- and two-bedroom apartments costing up to $ 50 000.

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The most sought after area for housing – Seashore, Arcade and Prospect Shevchenko. Very popular and Suvorov district, due to its low prices for apartments.

Despite the jump dollar exchange rate, the real estate market in Odessa has remained stable. There is increasing demand for apartments. If we talk about the prices, it is worth noting the rising cost of primary real estate by 5-10% and a fall in prices for secondary housing.

Effect of changes in exchange rates

Logical would be a drop in demand due to the growth exchange rate, but at the moment this is not observed in Odessa. Dollar exchange rate affects the pricing of the apartments, for which the buyer is calculated through a bank. Now, to sell an apartment worth over 150 thousand hryvnia, you need to carry out the operation by bank transfer. The buyer and the seller are losing on commissions and courses. Since the seller is more profitable to get a dollar amount, he lays the differencethat have lost in the exchange value. The property, which was owned by less than 3 years, subject to an additional tax of 5%, sellers lay this difference in cost.

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The cost of related services

Realtor’s office for their services take not less than 5%, although there are cases where the purchase and sale cost the customers cheaper – 3% of the cost of housing. Save on intermediaries fail. Now it is very difficult to find offers first-hand about selling real estate, newspapers and the Internet are filled with “dummy” from the agencies. To check the purity of the transaction, you will need to order a lawyer, they will cost 500 hryvnia. The transaction at the notary costs about 1,000 hryvnia, including collecting checks the property.

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