The war against Ukraine – is not a war of Russians, it’s the Putin’s war against the whole world

The war against Ukraine – is not a Russians war against they friendly people, but the war of Vladimir Putin against the entire civilized world – said a member of the Expert Council of Russian opposition (ESP), lawyer Yuri Shulipa. He stated this on the TV channel CMB. According to him, the purpose of his stay in Ukraine – it is a criminal case against the Kremlin leader with regard to the capture of the Crimea and the outbreak of war in the East of Ukraine.

“People in Ukraine and Russia, well informed, believe that it is the Russians attacked the Ukrainians. That’s not it. This is a war of civilization, it is a war of Vladimir Putin and his lackeys against the whole civilized world”, – he said.

The expert added that, unfortunately, the majority of Russians perceive events in Ukraine as they are taught the Russian media, which are used as a military resource, and it is done to incite hatred and discord in the minds of Russians against the Ukrainians.

“This is absolutely artificially created the opinion of the masses on the basis of forged, fabricated stories. For me, as a citizen of Russia, this technology is absolutely not new – our authority always does this. First, come up with occasion, then fabricate materials make the “left” plots, and then on the basis of these stories here raise criminal cases, and people put into prison for long time”- he added.

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