To Obama delivered for the signature “Freedom Support Act of Ukraine”

“Freedom Support Act of Ukraine” transferred to the White House.

In the US, the so-called “Freedom Support Act of Ukraine” agreed at the Congress transferred to the White House.

Administration of the President of the United States has not yet stated its position with respect to this document, reports Liberty Radio.

Document adopted at the level of US lawmakers, provides for tougher sanctions against Russia, as well as the possibility of providing to Ukraine military equipment and services, enhance energy security and the cost of the development of civil society.

Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry on Sunday welcomed the endorsement by the US Congress “Freedom Support Act of Ukraine”. But the Russian Foreign Ministry issued its criticism and, in particular, have called the document “openly confrontational”.

“Freedom Support Act of Ukraine” first existed as two nearly identical bills that have joined before sending it to the signature of the US president. Earlier, they seized an article providing for Ukraine and Georgia and Moldova, the status of “major ally of the United States”, non-NATO countries.

Previously, the upper house of the US Congress (Senate) approved a bill that provides for the granting substantial financial assistance to Ukraine, lethal weapons and defines Ukraine special partner is the United States outside the NATO.

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